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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Strokes

So, last Sunday we went to The Strokes concert at The Roseland Theater. I love this venue. I was there last to see the Pixies. This sold out show was amazing! The energy was great, the crowd was wild, and the band is awesome. I am definitely more a fan of The Stokes now that I've seen them live and plan to get some of their records soon. The opening band was even good and of course now I can't remember their name. Overall, great show!

UPDATE: I now remember the opening band's name and have gone in with Kevin to purchase theire new cd, "Death by Sexy." The band? Eagles of Death Metal!

Rating: 7 out of 10


Anonymous Frank G. D. said...

hey heather KEGGERDING,
glad to hear you liked the strokes. scott & daina are going to tonight's show in chicago. hope all is well, graduation is a month away for me and i'm kind of freaking out now. its exciting, scary, and sad. yikes! off to class i am now. peace.

10:53 AM PDT  

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