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Monday, March 27, 2006

Seattle Weekend Excursion

A few weekends ago we took Amtrak to Seattle for the weekend. I was impressed that the train left and arrived on schedule (both going/returning). Seats were comfortable and you could even watch a movie. It ended up being cheaper to go by rail than go by car. I recommend everyone to take the train. Good stuff! Since we were only there for the weekend we did the tourist stuff and visited Pike's Market, the Space Needle, sampled local beers at the Hops on Equinox Spring Beer Festival and took an underground tour of old Seattle in Pioneer Square. Oh, and let's not forget our first trip to the original REI store in downtown Seattle. This place is huge and has anything an outdoorsy adventurer could even need or want.

Overall, Seattle is nice and I'd like to visit more of the neighborhoods on our next visit and even catch a Mariner's game!


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