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Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

After re-reading the fourth installment of Harry Potter last week on my way to/from Orlando, I went to see the movie on Saturday afternoon. Got the best seats in the house by showing up early and waiting in line. So awesome! Anyway, back to the movie. Overall I really enjoyed the movie. If I wanted to nit pick it, I could, but no movie is ever up to the challenge of taking on the entire written story. Lots of small side stories were left out of the movie like excluding Winky and Dobbie and the rest of the house elves. Another glaring omission was the actual quidditch match at the Quittich World Cup. I was really looking forward to seeing the match, but they didn't show any of it! Also missing was the students actually attending classes! I think I saw 2 scenes in the classroom and that was it. No Hagrid and his blast end screwts or potions class with Snape. Plus, they never showed Harry's preparation for the Triwizard Tournament. I guess some things had to be left out, but I had a sense at the end of the movie that a few things were missing. But, no complaints here. I'm still going to buy it on DVD.


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