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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What a surprise!

So, this past weekend I went and saw The 40-Year Old Virgin with Steve Carell as Andy. I thought it was just going to be some dumb comedy with crude jokes and no plot. I was half right. The movie was a dumb comedy with crude jokes but it actually had a plot and a heartfelt story about Andy (the virgin) who meets a single mom and falls in love with her. Spoiler alert: The one thing I did enjoy about this movie is that although all of Andy's friends were pressuring him to have sex, he didn't give in to the pressure and waited until he was married to finally have sex. What a great surprise! I'm glad a movie like this was able to come away with a message saying that premarital sex might be fun, but that it is riddled with heartache and relationship problems. I'm glad they had Andy waited until he was married to finally have sex with the women he loved. Pop culture finally has shown the other side of the story!

Overall though, the movie was kinda boring towards the end as the plot dragged on, but I still found it funny. Kevin, sorry I saw it without you but you're just not around anymore. Next time we'll catch a movie together.


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