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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


What's the best way to start off officially at a new job? Go to new employee orientation for 1 1/2 days!'s such work to sit through all those presentations. At least today I got to learn about all the nice new benefits I'm entitled to now. All I need to learn about now is investment accounts. I have no clue what I'm doing about that, but I need to start saving for retirement! So, yes, I have officially started at my new job. Yeah me!

This past weekend was good. On Friday night Kevin and I and others went to the Oregon Brewers Festival and got to drink a lot of great beer. Drinking all afternoon really makes you tired :( I think we were home by 10:00. Total old people! Saturday we had a great meal with Jacinta and Eric at Ringside where I ate a great pork chop with a cranberry sauce. Yummy! Sunday I met Kevin and his old college prof at Mamma Mia's for some good Italian food. I had the manicotti.

I also happened to buy a Nintendo Game Cube with Zelda and Mario Golf. I guess I needed a new way to spend my time at home :) yeah!!!


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