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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend plans?

Well, I started off this holiday weekend with having absolutely no plans. It turned out to be quite the busy weekend. Friday night Kevin, Selman and I went to the Mission Theater to see Sin City. This was my first time to the Mission. This is one of those old movie houses that they have converted into a brew n' view of sorts. You have to be 21 to get in but you can drink beer during the movie while eating a cheeseburger or nachos or chicken sandwich, whatever you like. Plus, it's only $3 to get in! Granted, they run older movies, but who cares? I hadn't seen Sin City yet and thought the movie was great! I am not familiar with the comics or the story but enjoyed the movie's plot and visualization of the comic characters.

Saturday Kevin and I went shopping downtown and ended up buying only one shirt each. Kinda disappointing shopping day, but it was nice outside and the exercise was good. In the evening we went to Eric and Jacinta's for a nice grilled steak and corn on the cob.

Sunday we met up with Peter, Susan and little Abby for breakfast and a walk along the Esplanade in downtown. Weather is finally cooperating and it's starting to feel a bit like summer. Went out to dinner at Henry's Tavern with Selman and Jacinta and Eric. Good food and they actually had cheese fries! Fufu cheese fries, but cheese fries nonetheless.

I did laundry on the 4th of July...great way to spend the holiday. Kevin and I did go to a bar-b-que in the evening for beer and burgers. Didn't watch any fireworks due to the fact that we both had to wake up early to get to work today. one should have to work the day after a holiday!


Anonymous Frankie D said...

What the hell is a fufu fry?

8:50 AM PDT  
Blogger Heather in PDX said...

fufu as in they had gorgonzola cheese on them! you know...high society cheese fries!

8:14 AM PDT  

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