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Friday, July 08, 2005

Heather at the bat

I've been playing softball for my company for a few weeks now. This week I got the chance to play for Kevin's all-male softball team because they were hurtin' for some players. So, Lani and I got to play a little ball with the boys on Tuesday. We lost the game, badly, but I went 2-3 at the plate (awesome!). However, after rounding first on my second hit, I was headed back to the base and got a nice tap on the ass by the first baseman! Wait a minute...did that guy just smack your ass? Why yes, he did. The nasty, 50+ first baseman touched my ass. Not cool. Good thing Kevin didn't see it!

I had my co-ed team's game last night and did terrible at the plate, 1-4. We got killed but managed to scrounge up 5 runs in the last inning before they called the game. That sucks. I really need to get my shit together because my skills are gone!

Vacation update: 8 more days till vacation!


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