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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wedding Photo

From left to right: Kevin and me, Kevin and Becky, Megan and Grant


Anonymous A very evil e said...

Hey, look at the awesome photo I should have been in! E has some explaining to do! To that end, can you email me with Becky's digits and address, so I can send her a card and talk to her about why her dear roommate was absent for her union with Kevin number 1? Or is he Kevin number 2 since we all knew Pitz first? Hmmm...pondering, pondering. Also, could Megan and her man look taller than you people? LOL! Ahh...good times. Hey, you all look totally beautiful though. I love Becky's dress! But that is it, that is all the gushing you get out of me over a wedding. Cut off! *Regret, shame, guilt* Man, I am sorry I wasn't there. Gah! Anyway, we shall talk later and less publically of it. Hmmm...makes me wonder why I'm not just writing an e-mail. Oh well, I already started this rant. Nothing left to do but hit submit!

5:21 AM PDT  

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