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Monday, June 20, 2005

Busy weekend

Friday night Kevin and I went out to dinner at Park Kitchen for our 3 year anniversary. We had a great time and had some wonderful food, wine and dessert. A very nice dinner with some awesome company!

Saturday I got to play tennis with Kevin and had dinner at Le Bistro Montage for Sagar's birthday. This is a quaint restaurant located underneath the Morrison Bridge and serving up some interesting cajun cuisine. I had the blackened catfish while others indulged in the varieties of macaroni and cheese they offer. Ended the night after visiting a few pubs for pool and Tony's for cheap beer.

Sunday we caught a matinee and saw "Batman Begins" while a huge pot of chili was cooking at home. Great movie. Christian Bale plays a great Batman and it's always nice to see Gary Oldman in a non-villain role. I'm not sure why everyone is hyped about Katie Holmes' appearance in the film. I didn't think she added all that much and her character was definitely a supporting role, if that. I'm not sure what her role in the comics are but I don't think she deserves the attention she is getting for this role. Christian Bale is clearly the star here.

That about raps it up for the weekend. Lots of great food and even a great movie. Not to shabby.

Countdown to vacation: 26 days


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