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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dan Savage and Augusten Burroughs

This past week I was able to see Dan Savage, sex columnist of "Savage Love" and Augusten Burroughs, author of "Running With scissors." Saw Dan Savage at the Crystal Ballroom, basically a live version of Savage Love. It was amusing for the first hour or so, but he lagged on for over 2 hours. A bit much for me considering some of his commentary on current events was so forced and fake. We didn't want to hear it. Bring on the weird sex talk! Anyway, amusing but probably wouldn't go see him again.

As for Augusten Burroughs. Saw him at Powell's Books on Friday. Good crowd turned out to see this unusual memoirist. At first glance, he looks out of place to be the literary giant that he is, but upon hearing him speak set me straight. He was so eloquent in speech and manner that I was impressed, considering his background. Anyway, very enjoyable reading with an intelligent q & a afterwards. Good stuff is always to be found at Powell's!

Tonight, I may try and catch Nathaniel Philbrick promote his latest book "Mayflower".


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