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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Doors!

We've had a busy week! First the roof finally got fixed and now our new doors were finally installed! We're still waiting for a screen door for the back since it's still on back order. But, the new doors are in and 90% complete. A few trim pieces need to be added to the front door, which they'll take care of when they install the screen door in the back. Now on to some before and after photos! Now that I see them side by side, we chose similar, if not the same styles for the doors, just different colors and steel reinforced security! No more wind blowing through the unevenly installed doors! These energy star efficient doors should help keep the downstairs a bit warmer in the winter and keep our air conditioning inside during the summer. They all open and lock a whole lot easier now and all have deadbolt locks (the previous doors did not).


Front Door - Outside Front Door - Inside



Side Entrance Door - Inside

Back Door - Inside Back Door - Outside


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