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Friday, May 08, 2009

The Leaky Roof - Part 1

We've had some issues recently with a leak in the 3rd floor office area. Any time it rains, the ceiling (now with a hole in it!) drips water onto my desk. Last summer during those torrential downpours, we had water come in on the 2nd floor as well. We thought we fixed that problem with a new gutter, but our roof guy thinks otherwise and I believe him. So, part 1 of fixing the roof involved replacing all the gutters, patching any holes, cracks, etc. in the roof, completely covering the chimney (the suspected source of our 3rd floor leak) and caulking around the outdoor fixtures.
Patching a few cracks in the roof.

Chimney is now completely covered.

Repositioned the downspout from the 3rd floor roof from draining onto the deck to draining directly into the 2nd floor gutter. No more water being drained directly onto the roof. This should help solve the leaking to the 2nd floor during those heavy summer rains.

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