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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Skiing at Snowshoe

At the end of February, Mr_BTM and I left Baltimore on a road trip to West Virginia to meet up with the Mr's parents and brother at Snowshoe for some skiing. We left town on Thursday night and spent the night in Staunton, VA to break up some of the driving. We left first thing Friday morning on a 2-land winding road through rural VA and WV. It was rough going for a while since there had been fresh snow the night before but we made it to the top of the mountain without incident. We were able to ski a full day on Friday and enjoy some of the fresh snow. Too bad it was so cold and windy! Friday night we had dinner at the condo and watched a movie before retiring early. Saturday was a nice sunny day, but really busy on the slopes. We skied with Dad in the morning on some of the tougher trails and met up with Mom and Chris in the afternoon for some easier skiing. The lift lines were pretty long so Mr_BTM and I called it an early day. That evening we went out for dinner at one of the restaurants in the village at the top of the mountain. It wasn't the greatest meal, but it was good to get out and have dinner with the family. Sunday we woke up to fresh snow! We headed out with Dad again early and got in a lot of good runs on the fresh snow. The lift lines were non-existent and we were able to do as many runs in the morning before lunch than we did all day on Saturday! After a great morning of skiing, we headed in for a late lunch and to pack our gear away for the drive home. We got out to the car to discover we had a flat tire! Ok, no problem we'll just change it with the spare, except the spare was held hostage by our bike rack we didn't bring the key for! Doh! **Note to self - get the key for the bike rack and put on car key ring.** Good thing the mountain had a tow truck and an on site shop. We were able to temporarily inflate the tire and drive it to the shop. Once there, they found a screw that had punctured the tire and fix the hole. All for a mere $5! Mr_BTM tipped him heavily for his assistance and we were able to get on our way back home after an hour delay. The drive home was pretty stressful since we were driving through that same snow storm that gave us fresh snow on the mountain. I can't handle that kind of night driving when they haven't plowed the interstates! It took us a bit longer to get home but we got there safely. And, the tire is still going strong!

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