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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orlando and St. Petersberg - quick trip

This past weekend Mr_BTM and I took a short trip to Orlando to visit Eric, his fiance Liz and their new baby Evan. Evan's christening was on Sunday at a Catholic Church in Winter Park, FL. We attended mass and the christening took place after mass. We all went back to the Chavez house for a few snacks and quality family time. It was good to get to spend time with Chavez and his family and to meet Liz for the first time. We'll be headed back to Orlando in October for the wedding!

On Monday we stopped in for a brief visit of the Orlando office folks and met back up with Eric and Liz for lunch. We ate outside at a cute cafe and enjoyed the nice weather. After lunch we drove to Saint Petersburg to visit Amy & Ryan and their baby Henry. We got to see their new house and had dinner in downtown. It was a short visit, but good to see them again!

We left early Tuesday morning, so we didn't have a lot of time to do all that much while we were there. I'm sure our next trip back to Florida will allow us to spend more time visiting friends!

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