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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend the in-laws drove in from Cincinnati to spend the weekend with the Mr & I. On Saturday we drove down to Annapolis and walked around downtown and visited the William Paca House & Garden. We decided to skip the home tour and take a walk through the garden. After the garden tour we had lunch at Middleton Tavern, along the waterfront in downtown Annapolis. Lunch was okay, nothing special, just some sandwiches. After lunch we walked down Main Street and decided to head to the mall for a quick shopping trip. After the mall it was back to Baltimore to have dinner at Salt.

Sunday took us to DC for a visit to the Newseum, one of the newest museums in DC. This was a fascinating museum! I loved it and would go back again to get a closer look at all the exhibits. There was so much to see, read and watch. After 2 and a half hours we still could have spent more time there. I particularly enjoyed the exhibit on Pulitzer Prize winning photographs. After the museum we were back at the Nationals game vs. Atlanta. I even got my photo with George! Only one President left to get...Thomas! The Mr & I have decided that the food there isn't that good...and very expensive! $9.50 for deluxe nachos or chicken strips and fries. Not to mention the $4.50 for a bottle of pop or water! After the game we headed back to Baltimore for a relaxing sushi dinner at Chiu's Sushi.

The in-laws left on Monday morning and the Mr & I took a nap to recover from all our activities. We each had to work a few hours too and do some major grocery shopping for next week's RV trip to State College, PA!

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