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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Portland, Part 2

Part 2 of our trip had both of us working for the week. I was commuting again to Tigard and dropping of Mr_BTM at work downtown. The week went by fast! On Tuesday we went to dinner at Sarah and Tom's house and met up with Lynlea and Anthony. Tom's parents were in town and they cooked us a huge korean meal. So delicious! Wednesday we met up with Dave and Teresa and McMenamin's for some beer and a late dinner. I wish we had McMenamins in Baltimore! I miss their food and good. Friday night had us traveling to Chris and Emily's house for some bar-b-que and to hang out again with Matt and Karen. Let's not forget the 2 little ones too!

Saturday had us even busier with an early start. We took the MAX to the Esplanade and walked from the Broadway Bridge to the Hawthorne Bridge and then up to the Farmer's Market again for some breakfast. We walked from there to Bike Gallery and then to the Multnomah County Library, which I'd never gone in before. From there we went to lunch at Karam and enjoyed an awesome Lebanese meal. And, since it's Saturday during football season, we went to The City to watch the Purdue game and meet up with some more people. After a quick stop at the office we took the Streetcar up to REI for some shopping and met up with Dave and Teresa again at Rouge for some beer. We had wanted to stop by Rogue to buy some of their spirits since we can't buy them in Baltimore. We got a bottle of the Spruce Gin and the Dark Rum and they managed to not get broken in our checked luggage. From Rogue we walked over to the NW 21st/NW 23rd area to meet up with Jacinta and Eric at Mio Sushi. We had the most delicious sushi I've had in a while. Check out the photo! It was so good to see Eric and Jacinta again, people I consider "my" friends as opposed to "our" friends. That's one thing I'm still lacking here in Baltimore. After than we got some coffee and tea at Moonstruck on 23rd and people watched for a while and to catch up. We departed around 9:00 just to meet up again with Dave and Diego to have drinks at Thatch, a tiki bar. Man, this was turning out to be a ridiculously long day. I was wiped so after the tiki bar I went home but Kevin managed to continue on. Not sure how he managed that! I was well asleep by the time he got home.

Sunday was a pretty leisurely day compared to Saturday. We did some more shopping at REI, grabbed a quick lunch at Whole Foods. From there we dropped off the shopping at the apartment and went up to Council Crest for some views of the city. From there it was dinner time so we went to eat at a brew pub we always meant to go to but never had a chance, The 5th Quadrant, run by the New Old Lompoc Brewery. I had the meatloaf, for some reason I was craving some comfort food. Maybe it's because it was our last night in Portland. Who knows. We enjoyed some more beers and a decent dinner. Of course, we needed desert so we had to go to VooDoo Donut! Kevin had the bacon maple bar and I had my favorite Portland creme. This was our last stop before going to the airport for the long flight back to Baltimore. We need to go back more often! I'd like to make this at this a yearly trip. Next time we should get bikes!

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