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Friday, April 22, 2005

Yummy sushi is no substitute for cheese fries

Tonight for dinner I'm meeting some friends for happy hour at Dragonfish for sushi! I love sushi! Portland has a lot of sushi places, more than bar-b-que or burger joints. Sushi is great, but it's no substitute for a gyros or cheese fries. That is what I gave up when moving to Portland, and I miss them terribly! Next time i'm back in Chicago i'm getting a gyros and cheese fries and a large coke "for the go."* Ok, it's not just cheese fries and gyros that I miss, it's the little shops on the corner that make those kinds of foods, sub sandwiches included. Portland doesn't really have those kinds of places, and the few that are around aren't very good. My neighborhood is just fast food chains and megastores. Wal-mart is even looking at the vacant property approximately 500 ft from my building. Does that make me happy? Not at all...even though I secrectly like shopping at Wal-mart...but that's for another day.

*If anyone gets this reference, I'll buy you some cheese fries!


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