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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Millikin News

I just got the monthly "Out of the Blue" email today. At the bottom of the newsletter there was a link to the Millikin Weddingdex, basically a place to post your wedding pictures with various MU alumni in them. I found this most amusing!

Why you ask? First off, I recognized a lot of the people in those pictures. Namely the Keith Creighton and Beth Mason wedding. I knew just about everybody in that one thanks to cousin Jason, fellow MU alumni, who is also in that picture. I was thoroghly amused to see the Becky Rash and Derrick Holt wedding photo. God I hated all those people. I wonder if Cara knows about that...she totally lusted after no fewer than 3 guys in that picture. Makes me chuckle...he he!


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