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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Garden Time!

Last year we planted 2 tomato plants, basil, rosemary and attempted some green onions. The tomatoes were only marginally successful but the basil and rosemary did a good job. The green onions bombed entirely. At the end of the season last year I totally abandoned the plants and let the old tomatoes fall off into the pot and left the dead stems in the pots too. Same goes for the basil plant. Low and behold, I go to clean the pots and put in new soil and found a tomato plant and a basil plant already growing! Amazing how that works, especially with the basil. It started to regrow in a pot that was sitting next to where it was planted. The rosemary survived the winter and got repotted for the summer. I bought sage and cilantro plants from the farmer's market and one additional tomato plant (grape tomatoes). Should make for a good, small garden. Hopefully the tomatoes will work out better this year. Looking forward to using the fresh herbs and eating tasty tomatoes!



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