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Monday, April 05, 2010

Another Norah Jones Concert!

Kevin and I had extra tickets to the Norah Jones concert so we invited our friends Tom & Victoria to the show. As part of the deal, they needed to take us out for dinner before the show. We chose b: A Bolton Hill Bistro as our dinner location. We'd been there before but it was a first for Tom & Victoria. Tuesdays are half price wine bottles and we decided to have two! We had a great dinner there with a cheese plate appetizer, entrees and yummy dessert! Off to the show at the Lyric Opera House, our first concert there. This location is nice and the sound was pretty incredible inside. We had great seats! Center state, first row in the upper balcony. The crowd was definitely older, like much older. Which meant that during the show it was extremely quite and a polite applause was given at the end of each song. And then it would get really quiet before the start of the next song. Really strange. But, show was good and the new band is pretty talented.

Here is the set list:

1. I Wouldn't Need You
2. Tell Your Mama
3. Light as a Feather
4. Chasing Pirates
5. Even Though
6. It's Gonna Be
7. Broken
8. Waiting
9. Sunrise
10. You've Ruined Me
11. Back to Manhattan
12. Sinkin' Soon
13. Bull Rider (Rodney Crowell cover)
14. Man of the Hour
15. Don't Know Why
16. Young Blood
17. Stuck
18. Come Away With Me
19. Strangers


How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart

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