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Monday, March 22, 2010

Philadelphia - Day 3

After a long afternoon and night of drinking the previous day, we planned a nice and greasy brunch for Sunday. Philadelphia has a small Chinatown so we went there for dim sum at Ocean Harbor! We waited for 45 minutes before we could get a table but once we sat down we instantly had a table full of yummy food! Mr_BTM and I sampled the chicken feet and tripe but Adam would only try the tripe. Silly Adam! The chicken feet are much tastier than the tripe! We got a lot of other dishes as well, including the fried shrimp and squid. Delicious meal and just the thing to power us through the rest of the day. After dim sum we took the long walk down Benjamin Franklin Parkway, past the museums to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous for that scene in Rocky where he runs up the stairs. However, if you want your picture taken with the statue of Rocky, you'll have to wait in line! We did not wait in the line, but just took a picture of the statue and the line, together. While we didn't run up the stairs like Rocky we did walk up them. The view from the top of the stairs is quite stunning. We lucked out on weather and had sunny skies all weekend. The line outside was really long and we figured out that the first Sunday of the month is pay what you want! So, we didn't want to wait in the line so we walked around to the back of the museum and walked around part of Fairmount Park, along the Schuylkill River. After roaming the park for a while, we noticed the museum had a back entrance with no line! So we did get to go into the museum. We walked around the museum for a while and decided to head back to the hotel, we were all tired! We had dinner at a noodle place and afterwards went looking around for a dessert place. We only had to walk a few blocks and we found the perfect place! An old time ice cream parlor called The Franklin Fountain. We got awesome ice cream and shakes here and was the perfect ending to our day. Now, stuffed with ice cream and tired, Adam caught the train and went back to Baltimore and we called it an early night.

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