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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Portland Century

On Sunday Kevin and I, along with Susan and Peter, participated in the Portland Century. Kevin, Peter and Susan opted for the 50 mile ride (Half Century) while I tried out the 25 mile route (Quarter Century). I had a wonderful ride and was happy I chose the 25 as opposed to the 50, which Kevin was trying to get me to do. The Quarter Century started out at PSU and headed east over the Hawthorne Bridge to the Springwater Corridor. From the Springwater, we were diverted through SE Portland due to some construction on I-205 and met up with the I-205 bike path. Our one and only rest stop was in Maywood Park at the 17.5 mile mark. From there we headed back West through NE Portland, over the Broadway Bridge and back to PSU. We rode through a lot of PDX neighborhoods, some of which I've never been to, which was great! I always enjoy the opportunity to explore more of Portland, even though I could have taken this same route on my own. The finish line offered massages (which I got), free Widmer beer (which I drank) and a lovely salmon dinner (which I ate, yum!). Of course, after the ride, we had to bike back home!

Great ride on a great day. I hope Baltimore has some planned rides like this!

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