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Monday, April 04, 2011

Vancouver, BC - Wednesday, October 20th or how to get to the nearest In-N-Out Burger

Today was just a travel day back home, but not without it's own adventure. We had a pretty long lay over at SFO in San Francisco so for lunch we ventured to the nearest In-N-Out Burger. First, get to the BART station and buy a round trip ticket.

Then cross a big street and a gas station parking lot. You can see it in the distance!

Place your order and wait.

Be really excited about your burger and pose for the camera! Oh yeah, and then EAT!

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Vancouver, BC - Tuesday, October 19th

Tuesday was a gorgeous day! We took full advantage of the nice weather and walked and biked around the city and parks. We started the morning off again at Coo Coo Coffee for a light breakfast. It was then off to find a bike rental place so we could ride around Stanley Park. On our way to the bike shop we walked along English Bay Beach and enjoyed the views of the water and the mountains. It was such a clear and sunny day! We picked up our bikes and headed straight into Stanley Park for a ride around the perimeter of the park. Along the route there are lots of places to stop and take pictures. It was a great way to spend our morning! Stanley Park is quite large so halfway around we decided to try and have lunch at the restaurant in the park.
What we didn't realize was that this restaurant was at the top of a very large hill. I struggled up that hill! But, with all the struggle, you get the awesome view at the top.
After a rather unhealthy lunch involving poutine, it was time for the awesome ride downhill and back into the city. The ride down probably took 5 minutes while the ride up close to a half hour!
After such an exhilarating ride downhill, we returned the bikes, hoped on a bus back to the hotel and plotted our next adventure.
I really wanted to go to the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Vancouver so we figured out how to get there on the bus and started the trek across town. It would be the only museum we went to on our whole trip! I had to get at least one in :) While I took my time walking through the musuem and admiring all the native art, Kevin took a walk outside and took some awesome pictures at sunset.
With our final day coming to a close, we wanted one last tasty dinner before heading back to the real world. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at ReFuel in the Kitsilano neighborhood. We had a nice, relaxed dinner and reflected on all the fun things we got to do on this trip. We'd love to come back and visit Vancouver!

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Vancouver, BC - Monday, October 18th

Woke up on Monday morning with cloudy skies, no rain, but a damp chill in the air. So we decided to start our morning warming up at Coo Coo Coffee with tea, coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Here we planned out our day and decided to start out by checking out Granville Island. The best way to get there sans car is to go by AquaBus! It was a short walk to the pier and then a quick ride across the water over to Granville Island. Being a Monday morning the place wasn't all that busy, but we did walk around the indoor market and around the shops there. Had lunch at SandBar on their outdoor patio. A bit brisk but we got to enjoy the views of the water. After lunch instead of taking the AquaBus back, we took the more scenic route and walked over the bridge back to the mainland. This was a great way to get views of the city and a bit of exercise all in one! We continued walking through downtown and up Robson street. For a nice break, we stopped for tea at Urban Tea Merchants. It was a great way to relax and people watch and try some tasty tea.
As the late afternoon approached, we headed back to the hotel to rest before catching a bus to dinner. It was recommended that for good Japanese food you eat at Tojo's in Vancouver. So we made reservations and headed there for dinner. We both ordered the omakase (chef's choice) and proceeded to each way too much food. The dishes were mostly seafood based and all very tasty. This meal was definitely a new experience for us both and we really enjoyed it.

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