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Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardening time!

This weekend I finally got around to getting plants to start my container garden on the rooftop deck. We get plenty of sun up there so it should be perfect for a few sun loving plants. I decided to start small with just two tomato plants, some herbs and a few annual flowers for some color. To the right is a glance at the mini garden as well as the gnomes that watch over the plants. I still need to get some compost for the top layer from Michael. Let's hope this location is sunny enough!

Herbs are rosemary & sweet basil - 4/26/09

Better Boy tomato - 4/26/09

Bush Early Girl - 4/26/09

Vinca and Marigold - hanging basket - still need to get a hook so I can hang this up without fear of falling!

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