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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tree!

This Christmas will be our second Christmas in Baltimore. However, last year we were still in transit and didn't have a permanent home. Plus, we spent almost 2 weeks in Ohio and Illinois for the holiday. So this year, now that we have our house, we bought our first fake Christmas tree. This year we'll only be spending a few days in Cincinnati so we'll have time to enjoy it at home. We opted for a non-pre-lit tree since the pre-lit trees looked skimpy. The tree we got is 7.5 fee tall and is pretty wide and full. We decided to put it up in the 3rd floor office since we have the most open space there and I get to look at it all day while I work. It's got white lights and lots of ornaments! And there's even a few presents for us under the tree.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Kitchen Cart!

We've wanted to get a small kitchen cart/island for our kitchen to add some more counter space and more storage. We finally got around to buying the darn thing and had it delivered to the house. It arrived in a huge box and weighed over 100 pounds! We reserved the Saturday after Thanksgiving to put this together, we figured it would be a good project for the day. So step 1 in putting this thing together is to count all the bits and pieces. Step 2 is finding out you're missing a few screws so you have to call the manufacturer for them to send you replacement parts. But they're not open on the weekends so you have to wait until Monday morning. Step 3 is to put together as much as you can without needing the missing screws. So, we were only able to put the drawers together and what would have been a productive Saturday turned out to be a dud. Step 4 is to wait a week for those replacement pieces to arrive and to live with this huge box and all it's pieces scattered about. Step 5 is to rejoice when the replacement parts finally arrive! Step 6 is to proceed in putting this thing together. I must say, it was pretty easy to put together. Mind you, Mr_BTM did all the heavy lifting but I helped! It's a pretty sturdy piece and has wheels so we can move it around easily. The wood matches our kitchen perfectly and the stainless steel top is just what Mr_BTM wanted. Here are two quick shots of the finished product. Now we just need to figure out what we want to store on the cart! As you can see, we put the coffee pot on the bottom shelf but it doesn't fit standing upright so it looks a bit goofy.